The Legend of Ba Yi’s Grandpa [C-Drama] (2024)

The Legend of Ba Yi's Grandpa - 常乐镇诡事

Summary : This film tells the story of Hu Guohua, who falls victim to a plot, framed in a rigged gambling scheme that leads to the loss of his family fortune. Despite his wayward behavior, he reaches a low point by desecrating his family’s ancestral grave. In a desperate attempt to deceive for money, he even stages the absurd event of marrying a paper bride. At the brink of hopelessness in life, he unexpectedly encounters Sun Guofu, a master in tomb-robbing, who guides him to self-realization. Although fate plays its tricks and eternal love is elusive, Hu Guohua undergoes a profound transformation from a reckless scion to a wandering adventurer in the world of tomb-robbing. 

Native Title : 常乐镇诡事
Also Known As : The Legend of Bayi’s Grandpa , Strange Things in Changle Town , Chang Le Zhen Gui Shi , 常樂鎮詭事
Genres : Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Arabic English Indonesian Japanese Korean Malay Spanish Thai Vietnamese (Embedded)

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