Miss Night and Day [K-Drama] (2024)

Miss Night and Day - 낮과 밤이 다른 그녀

Summary : Lee Mi Jin is a job-seeker who has been exhausted from working various part-time jobs and preparing for a job for a long time. One day, due to an incident, she ages into her 50s, causing her to live as a 50-year-old by day and rejuvenate into her 20s by night. She is undeterred by this absurd tragedy and uses it as an opportunity to knock on the door of a job. With her wealth of experience from years of job hunting in her 20s and her seasoned 50s, she succeeds in landing the job she’s always wanted. Meanwhile, Gye Ji Woong, a sensitive and cranky perfectionist prosecutor, finds himself unwillingly involved with Lee Mi Jin day and night…

Native Title : 낮과 밤이 다른 그녀
Also Known As : The Girl Who Is Different from Day to Night , The Woman Who Is Different by Day and Night , A Woman With Different Day and Night , She Is Different Day and Night , Najgwa Bami Dareun Geunyeo
Genres : Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes : 16
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Arabic Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Malay Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese Filipino (Embedded)

Episode 01 : https://exe.io/I8CEK
Episode 02 : https://exe.io/gaTs8N
Episode 03 : https://exe.io/I6jofLqB
Episode 04 : https://exe.io/6yMQb3ys
Episode 05 : https://exe.io/Xai4
Episode 06 : https://exe.io/eXZbcSoQ
Episode 07 : https://exe.io/PwhvaTT7
Episode 08 : https://exe.io/2gx7utM (Fixed)

1 thought on “Miss Night and Day [K-Drama] (2024)

  1. Hi Mahdi ! I wanna ask why there isn’t episode 2 ?? Will you upload it later?? TYSM for uploading this series~! 😀

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