His Man [Variety Show] (2022)

Summary: As South Korea’s very first gay dating reality series, “His Man” brings together a group of eight hot, sexy, free and single gay men to a shared house where they are to live, interact and open up to each other in their quest for “true love”.

Native Title: 남의연애
Also Known As: Men’s Romance , Men Romance , Men Dating , Men’s Dating , Nameui Yeonae , Stranger’s Love , 남의 연애 , Man’s Romance
Genres: Romance
Episodes: 11
Format: mkv(x265)
Resolution: 720p
Subtitle: English (Embedded)

Download Links: 

Episode 01: https://ouo.io/RMjAPt
Episode 02: https://ouo.io/NaKEbR
Episode 03: https://ouo.io/fvXjMGi
Episode 04: https://ouo.io/a6jq04
Episode 05: https://ouo.io/dQLZgI
Episode 06: https://ouo.io/qDQuOr
Episode 07: https://ouo.io/2Qwz0M
Episode 08: https://ouo.io/3cRD3Y
Episode 09: https://ouo.io/8Y8pObd
Episode 10: https://ouo.io/sfHRJe
Episode 11: https://ouo.io/ln83Ti


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