Escape to Homestay [Thai-Drama] (2023)

Escape to Homestay - เพื่อนผมมีมรดกเป็นโฮมสเตย์ครับ

Summary : Top, the owner of a bankrupt pub in the heart of Bangkok. decides to say goodbye to the city and take comfort in his grandmother Thap, the owner of a homestay in the nearby province of Nakhon Nayok. With him, Top drags his close friends Kan, a flight attended recently put on leave, and Film, a photographer whose lost his passion to help with the homestay. When the gang arrives, Grandma Thap introduces them to P’Ter, a government officer favoured by the locals. The three begin working at the homestay and get to know more of the locals: Tao—Ter’s younger sister who’s fled home and her parents’ expectations—, Jen—a café owner close with Ter—, and TikToker Bell.

Native Title : เพื่อนผมมีมรดกเป็นโฮมสเตย์ครับ
Also Known As : My Friend Inherited a Homestay , Phuean Phom Mi Maradok Pen Homestay Khrap
Genres : Life, Drama
Episodes : 8
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Chinese English Indonesian Japanese Korean Malay Spanish Vietnamese (Embedded)

Episode 01 – 04 :
Episode 05 – 08 :

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