Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead [J-Movie] (2023)

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead - ゾン100~ゾンビになるまでにしたい100のこと~

Summary : Bullied by his boss, worked around the clock, he’s nothing more than a corporate drone. All it takes is a zombie outbreak for him to finally feel alive!

Native Title : ゾン100~ゾンビになるまでにしたい100のこと~
Also Known As : Zom 100: Zombi ni Naru Made ni Shitai 100 no Koto , Zom 100 , ゾン100
Genres : Action, Horror, Comedy, Supernatural
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Arabic Bokmål, Norwegian Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Malay Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese (Embedded)

Screenshot From Movie

Download Link : https://exe.io/ASmnU1G

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