Yesterday Once More [C-Movie] (2023)

Summary : The film mainly tells the story of childhood sweethearts Gu Yu Xuan and Han Shu Yan who met and fell in love again after many years, but an accident caused them to fall into a cycle of time and space, and their fate was rewritten accordingly.

Native Title: 倒数说爱你
Also Known As: Tomorrow’s Me Dates Yesterday’s You , Ming Ri De Wo yu Zuori De Ni Yuehui , 明日的我与昨日的你约会​ , Dao Shu Shuo Ai Ni , Countdown To Say I Love You , My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday , 我比今天更爱你 , Wo Bi Jin Tian Geng Ai Ni
Genres : Romance, Fantasy
Format : mkv (x265)
Audio: Chinese
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Portuguese, Spanish, English (Embedded)

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