The Source of Power [C-Movie] (2023)

The Source of Power - 力量密码

Summary : After the defeat of the Revolution in 1927, white terror gripped Shanghai. Zhang Renya, an early member of the Chinese Communist Party, risked his life time and again to carry out thrilling yet effective work in Ningbo, Shanghai, Anhui and Jiangxi. With the calmness and meticulousness of a scholar and the toughness and perseverance of a warrior, he regarded the completion of his mission as his highest mission and firmly guarded the “power code” of the Party.

Native Title : 力量密码
Also Known As : Li Liang Mi Ma , 力量密碼
Genres : War
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Chinese, English (Hardsub)

Screenshot From Movie

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