The Novelist [J-Drama] (2018)

Summary: Kuzumi Haruhiko is a university student. One day, he causes a bicycle accident. The accident causes novelist Kijima Rio to break his arm. Kuzumi doesn’t have insurance or money to pay Kijima for his injury. Kijima then asks Kuzumi to transcribe a story he is writing. Kuzumi is surprised to learn the story is obscene.

Native Title: ポルノグラファー
Also Known As: Porunogurafa
Genres: Psychological, Romance, Drama, Mature
Episodes: 6
Format: mkv(x265)
Resolution: 720p
Subtitle: English (Embedded)

Download Links:

Episode 00:  zippyshare |
Episode 01:  zippyshare |
Episode 02: zippyshare |
Episode 03: zippyshare |
Episode 04: zippyshare |
Episode 05: zippyshare |
Episode 06:  zippyshare |

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