The Graduates [J-Movie] (2007)

Summary : Akimoto Kayoko, a senior student in high school, is adept at practically anything she does and makes good grades. She has her mind set on entering a university in Tokyo. Nishi Takumi, who is a member of the baseball team, can’t keep his eyes off her. He is unable to get over his feelings for her that he has harbored since junior high school. One day after school, the ace pitcher of the baseball team, Sasaki Tomizo, says to Takumi in a joking way, “I like Kayoko.” Takumi’s feelings for Kayoko are unrequited, and the distance between her and Tomizo becomes closer. Meanwhile, Shirata Kei is always listening to music in the corner of the classroom. Her dream is to someday become a writer specializing in music. One day, she becomes aware of Tsujimoto Kazuya’s presence, a boy in her class who plays in a rock band at school. She senses a similar vibe from him as herself, of someone who “feels” the music. By chance, they end up spending some time together and have a great time chatting about their favorite music. “I’ve never hit it off so well with someone,” says Kazuya, and suddenly, the world looks like a much brighter and more vivid place for Kei. Their final school festival is coming up. Kazuya asks Kei to write the lyrics for a song that he has written for the first time, and this triggers various dramas in the seniors’ lives.

The seasons change as the feelings of these five seniors intersect with each other. Their graduation day, the day they say goodbye, is drawing near.

Native Title: 檸檬のころ
Also Known As: Lemon no Koro , Lemon Time
Genres : Life, Youth
Duration : 1 hr. 55 min.
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English  (Embedded)

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