Slyth The Hunt Saga [Thai-Movie] (2023)

Slyth: The Hunt Saga - สลิธ โปรเจกต์ล่า

Summary : After a deadly forest fire sweeps the earth and fills the air with pollutants, society is on the brink of collapse and riddled with disease. The only hope seems to be in a legend come to life: that of the Slyth, a reptilian species that can disguise themselves as humans and possesses blood that can cure disease. The hunt is on.

Native Title : สลิธ โปรเจกต์ล่า
Also Known As : Slyth Project La
Genres : Action, Romance
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Chinese English Indonesian Malay Portuguese Spanish Thai Vietnamese (Embedded)

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  1. dear admin, for movie i suggest to provide duration and file size as well and remove the format which mostly are in mkv. TQ

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