Single in Seoul [K-Movie] (2023)

Single in Seoul - 싱글 인 서울

Summary : Two drastically different people meet through an essay about the single life and revisit their old wounds from past loves in the process. Park Young Ho is a popular lecturer and influencer with 300,000 followers. He thoroughly enjoys the single life and lives teetering between being emotional and being pretentious. Joo Hyun Jin, a college junior of Young Ho’s, is a competent publisher and the editor-in-chief in charge of the essay series titled “Single in the City.” She dislikes being alone.

Native Title : 싱글 인 서울
Also Known As : singgeul in seoul
Genres : Comedy, Romance, Melodrama
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Arabic (SRT) + Chinese (SRT) + English (SRT) + Indonesian (SRT) + Malay (SRT)

Screenshot From Movie

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