Silhouette of Your Voice [J-Movie] (2017)

Summary : Sugihara Kohei is a college student who has distanced himself from others unconsciously because he is hard of hearing and it keeps causing one misunderstanding after another. One day, his classmate Taiichi stumbles into him and notices his delicious bento. Kohei gives Taiichi part of his lunch, to Taiichi’s delight, but leaves without saying a word to Taiichi. Taiichi only later finds out from others that Kohei is hard of hearing. Taiichi makes Kohei a deal. If Taiichi writes up Kohei’s notes for him in class, he can have part of Kohei’s bento everyday. Taiichi has a bright personality to the point of foolishness, and he tells Kohei, “It’s not your fault that you can’t hear!” Those words save Kohei, and he begins to change. Taiichi and Kohei begin a relationship that’s more than friends but less than lovers.

Native Title: ひだまりが聴こえる
Also Known As: I Hear the Sunspot , I Can Hear the Exposure of the Sun , Listen to the Sun , Hidamari ga Kikoeru – Theory of Happiness –
Genres: Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
Duration : 1 hr. 33 min.
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English (Embedded) English (SRT)

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