Seigi no Tenbin Season 1 – 2 [J-Drama] (2021/23)

Seigi no Tenbin - 正義の天秤

Summary : Kazuya Takano is a former surgeon, but he now works as a lawyer. He is a genius in terms of intelligence and reasoning. He gets scouted by the Shidanzaka Law Office. The founder of the law firm suddenly died, and the lawyer daughter of the late founder brought Kazuya Takano to help rebuild Shidanzaka Law Office. Kazuya Takano begins to work with four other lawyers in room 1 of the law office. They are in charge of criminal affairs. The four lawyers all come from different backgrounds and have different personalities. The other four attorneys are the late founder’s daughter, who is a rookie, a lawyer with an inferiority complex and who used to be a NEET, a prideful lawyer who used to be a judge, and a lawyer with a compassionate mind who used to be a detective.

Native Title : 正義の天秤
Also Known As : The Scales of Justice , Balance of Justice , Seigi no Tenbin Season 1
Genres : Mystery, Law, Drama
Episodes : 5 + 5
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Japanese (Embedded)

Season 1 :
Season 2 :

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