Orange Marmalade [K-Drama] (2015)

Summary : Baek Ma Ri (Seol Hyun) is a senior high student who is also a vampire. She attends for school which all the students are human but she’s a vampire. She has to keep her real identity hidden and acts like a common girl. But deep inside, she holds the grudge for all people around her talking fuss and mocking about vampires. Meanwhile, Jung Jae Min (Yeo Jin Goo) is a popular male student who will fall in love with Baek Ma Ri.

Genre : Fantasy, Romance
Episode : 12
Format : mkv
Resolution : 960 x 540
Subtitle : English

Episode 01 :
Episode 02 :
Episode 03 :
Episode 04 :
Episode 05 :
Episode 06 :
Episode 07 :
Episode 08 :
Episode 09 :
Episode 10 :
Episode 11 :
Episode 12 :

5 thoughts on “Orange Marmalade [K-Drama] (2015)

      1. Really sorry to be bugging you but would you mind pointing me to a source from where I can get this series in good quality, torrent or site anything is fine.

        I just wasn’t able to find any working torrents from the sources I know.

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