Once Upon a Time in China 2 [HK-Movie] (1992)

Once Upon a Time in China 2

Summary : The even more spectacular sequel to the adventures and exploits ofone of China’s greatest heroes. The year is 1895, a troubled time for Imperial China. At a medical convention in Canton, the legendary Wong Fey Hong befriends Dr. Sun Yat Sen. Witnessing riots stirred up by the White Lotus clan, which is determined to wipe out all foreigners and their influence in China, Wong and Sun Yat Sen intervene. Wong and Sun defeat the Clan, but military troops surround them before they can make good their escape. The climactic final confrontation is one of the most spectacular action scenes ever filmed.

Native Title : 黃飛鴻之二男兒當自強
Also Known As : Wong Fei Hung Ji Yi: Naam Yi Dong Ji Keung , Wong Fei Hung 2: A Man Should Improve Himself , huang Fei Hong Zhi Er: Nan Er Dang Zi Qiang , Huang Fei Hong 2 , Wong Fei Hung 2 , 黄飞鸿之二: 男儿当自强 , 黄飞鸿2 , 黃飛鴻2 , Once Upon a Time in China II
Genres : Historical, Romance, Wuxia
Format : mkv (x265)
Subtitle : English (Embedded)

Screenshot From Movie

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