Just Spoil You [C-Drama] (2023)

Just Spoil You - 偏偏宠爱

Summary : Young and beautiful manhua artist Zhong Ling, in order to treat her son Kele’s congenital diabetes, returns to the city she left six years ago due to her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Han Donglai. Unexpectedly, when Kele gets lost, he coincidentally encounters a man who resembles Han Donglai, a character that consistently appears in his mother’s manhua. Mistaking him for his father, Kele is taken to Han Donglai’s office, leading to their reunion and the beginning of a tumultuous love-hate relationship. The intertwined destinies of the two unfold once again as they confront Kele’s origin and his health condition. On one hand, Zhong Ling’s departure for the past six years has turned her friend Chu Mo into a popular superstar, and the opportunity to adapt her manga into a film recommended by Han Donglai stirs jealousy in his heart, leading him to secretly investigate. On the other hand, Zhong Ling’s return drives Lin Xiaxi, who has always deeply loved Han Donglai, to madness, resulting in repeated acts of secret revenge. Who is Kele’s biological father? Will there be a chance for a reunion in the former lovers’ relationship?

Native Title : 偏偏宠爱
Also Known As : Er Hun Ye Feng Kuang , 二婚也瘋狂 , Crazy Second Marriage , Love Not Forget , 恋恋不相忘 , 戀戀不相忘 , Pian Pian Chong Ai , 偏偏寵愛
Genres : Romance, Family
Episodes : 20
Format : mkv (H265)
Resolution : 2160p
Subtitle : Arabic Chinese English Indonesian Japanese Korean Malay Spanish Thai Vietnamese (Embedded)

Note : I didn’t encode this drama.

Episode 01 – 05 : https://exe.io/IWtz19f
Episode 06 – 10 : https://exe.io/xctpUU2u
Episode 11 – 15 : https://exe.io/65c6Jcr
Episode 16 – 20 : https://exe.io/HkQrk2

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