Immortal Woman [K-Movie] (2023)

Immortal Woman - 불멸의 여자

Summary : Hee Kyeong and Seung Ah are cosmetics store workers. Excluding unpleasant emotions and depressive energy, the two greet guests as the happiest employees in the world. One happy day, a call comes in asking for a cosmetic return. Jeong Ran, a customer who complains that she bought a cosmetic product to prevent wrinkles around her eyes, but she has more wrinkles around her eyes. Jeong Ran, who came to the store because of the unsatisfactory service, starts demanding a refund through abuse. Hee Kyeong and Seung Ah, saleswomen who have to smile whether it rains or snows, complain about Jeong Ran’s constant attitude towards customers. The mart branch manager Sang Pil asks for help, and Jeong Ran expresses a sincere apology to Seung Ah. She gets down on her knees and asks for forgiveness… The best truthful customer since the opening of the mart. Will Hee Kyeong and Seung Ah be able to laugh until the end?

Native Title : 불멸의 여자
Also Known As : Bulmyeoreui Yeoja
Genre : Drama

Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : None ATM

Screenshot From Movie

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