Hold My Hand at Twilight [J-Drama] (2023)

Yugure ni, Te wo Tsunagu - 夕暮れに、手をつなぐ

Summary : Asagi Soramame grew up in a remote countryside of Kyushu, Japan. She is an energetic and bright person. She followed her fiancé, who was also a childhood friend, to Tokyo. She had a fateful and shocking encounter with a man named Umino Oto, but they assumed they would never meet again. Now, 23-year-old Asagi Soramame meets Umino Oto again at a boarding house where they both live. Asagi Soramame has also found an interest in fashion. Meanwhile, after graduating from a university, Umino Oto decided to pursue a career in music. His parents were not happy with his decision. He tries to become successful as a composer by creating music on his laptop, but he hasn’t gotten any attention from the recording company that he is signed with. He is close to giving up on his dream. He works part-time at a cafe to help pay his bills. By meeting Asagi Soramame, 23-year-old Umino Oto is able to pursue his dream again. They fall in love with each other and encourage each other to achieve their dreams.

Native Title : 夕暮れに、手をつなぐ
Also Known As : Hold My Hand at Twilight , Hold Hands at Dusk
Genres : Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
Episodes : 10
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English French German Greek Hebrew Italian Japanese Polish Portuguese Romanian Spanish (Embedded)

Episode 01 – 05 : https://exe.io/wyFp
Episode 06 – 10 : https://exe.io/iTgmwx

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