Hachiko [C-Movie] (2023)

Summary : It tells a touching story about a loyal dog named Ba Tong who waited for the return of his owner for ten years even after his owner’s death. University professor Chen Jing Xiu meets a puppy on the street and secretly takes it home out of pity. However, his wife Li Jia Zhen blows up at the “family meeting” and scolds him for violating their agreement before marriage to not have dogs at home. Given that their son Chen Xin Qiao and daughter Chen Xiao Zhou keep adding oil to the fire, the puppy seems to have become the source of a lot of trouble in the family. Nonetheless, Ba Tong also opens doors to a joyful story between the Chen family and their beloved canine.

Native Title: 忠犬八公
Also Known As: 忠犬八公 中国版 , Zhong Quan Ba Gong , The Story of the Loyal Dogs
Genres: Life, Drama, Family, Melodrama
Duration : 2 hrs. 4 min.
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English  (Embedded)

Download Link: https://ouo.io/kSh3mS6

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