Fall in Love Again [C-Drama] (2024)

Fall in Love Again - 再见已是白月光

Summary : Six years ago, at a wedding at sea, the bride, Zhou Mi An, is cruelly left at the altar. When she falls into the sea, Mai Ke rescues her. It is then that she learns her former fiancé, Lu Yun Kai, is closely related to her parents’ death, and she joins Mai Ke in an alliance bent on revenge. Six years later, Zhou Mi An makes her grand return at a domestic charity banquet as the top international designer, He Er Xin, faces Lu Yun Kai head-on. Suspicious that He Er Xin is his deceased wife, Zhou Mi An, Lu Yun Kai tests her constantly while she boldly joins Lu Yun Kai’s Wuxin Company. In order to expose each other’s secrets and strategize against each other, the fake couple actually flirt with each other and almost get too intimate. When Zhou Mi An discovers that in the past six years, Lu Yun Kai has never given up searching for her, she realizes there might be more than meets the eye in the accident at her parents’ toy factory. But who can she trust? Mai Ke, who saved her in her darkest moments, or Lu Yun Kai, the man she still can’t let go of?

Native Title : 再见已是白月光
Also Known As : Goodbye Is the White Moonlight , Zai Jian Yi Shi Bai Yue Guang
Genres : Romance, Drama
Episodes : 21
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Arabic Chinese English Indonesian Japanese Korean Malay Spanish Thai Vietnamese (Embedded)

Episode 01 : https://exe.io/7iMBn
Episode 02 : https://exe.io/j3Nbd0L
Episode 03 : https://exe.io/C8RvjT
Episode 04 : https://exe.io/HTQvvnv
Episode 05 : https://exe.io/yhI4Guc
Episode 06 : https://exe.io/E004H7bS
Episode 07 : https://exe.io/TUFyeC
Episode 08 : https://exe.io/jO0dcDD
Episode 09 : https://exe.io/e4YmHtHZ
Episode 10 : https://exe.io/OZfwk7F
Episode 11 : https://exe.io/LjIHsC0
Episode 12 : https://exe.io/PSLBVt
Episode 13 : https://exe.io/iAEEnIoK
Episode 14 : https://exe.io/wHZn4q
Episode 15 : https://exe.io/6Sxp9ayu
Episode 16 : https://exe.io/muPX76V
Episode 17 : https://exe.io/LxmeyZtV
Episode 18 : https://exe.io/lPlbTf7D
Episode 19 : https://exe.io/JjZY8G
Episode 20 : https://exe.io/ogqAC2
Episode 21 : https://exe.io/wMTrn

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