Divine Destiny [C-Drama] (2023)

Divine Destiny - 尘缘

Summary : Orphan Ji Ruo Chen was mistakenly identified as the banished heir of the Immortal Realm, Yin Feng, because of the blue stone he stole from its rightful owner. Because of that Ji Ruo Chen was chosen as one of the disciples for cultivation under the guidance of the Xixuan sect’s leader. Unexpectedly, though in his own heart, he’s fallen for Zhang Yin Yin–the daughter of a leading member of the sect and the one who has helped and guided him all along while falling in love with him as well–due to the stone’s influence and the immortal God’s eternal love, he develops feelings for one of the members of the sect, Gu Qing and the sect sets to marry them off. But Yin Yin doesn’t give up so easily and to recapture Ruo Chen’s heart, she decides to learn from the heavenly nine-tailed fox, a special skill, which would help her protect her beloved but at a price, she will must pay herself. Soon, Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin will have to pass a series of trials that slowly bring them closer together. Especially, to those people who suspect Ruo Chen’s true identity isn’t as it appears. What will become of Ji Ruo Chen and Zhang Yin Yin when everyone learns the truth? And will Gu Qing and Yin Feng be able to reunite their forever love lost to memories?

Native Title : 尘缘
Also Known As : Bonds of This World , 塵緣 , Chen Yuan , 尘缘之解离诀
Genres : Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
Episodes : 36
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Arabic Chinese English Indonesian Japanese Korean Malay Spanish Thai Vietnamese (Embedded)

Episode 01 – 05 : https://exe.io/KSyLGrB
Episode 06 – 10 : https://exe.io/KpUZGbuJ
Episode 11 – 15 : https://exe.io/hJUD3
Episode 16 – 20 : https://exe.io/08VAJWo
Episode 21 – 25 : https://exe.io/rWDpB
Episode 26 – 30 : https://exe.io/Pjv76nV
Episode 31 – 36 : https://exe.io/f3AnTV

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