Deliverance [HK-Movie] (2022)

Deliverance - 源生罪

Summary : 15 years have passed since Nicole lost her mother due to ill-health. Striving to make a fresh start, Nicole returns home to Hong Kong to reunite with her three brothers. Clinging onto the shattered memory from the night of her mother’s passing, Nicole and her brothers will open past wounds as the trauma of the past seeks to rip them apart once more. Through hypnosis sessions with her big brother Joseph, the trauma that the family sustained will reawaken once more, leaving Nicole and her brothers scrambling to find some sort of closure to a wound that continues to weigh them down.

Native Title : 源生罪
Also Known As : Wave of All Flesh , Yuan Sheng Zui , Yun Sang Jeui
Genres : Thriller
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Chinese English (Embedded)

Screenshot From Movie

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