Death’s Game [K-Drama] (2023)

Death's Game - 이재, 곧 죽습니다

Summary : He’s perennially unemployed, his ex-girlfriend has moved on, and he’s just lost all his life savings to a bitcoin scam. Burdened by societal pressures, Choi Yi Jae decides to take his own life. Insulted by his flippant attitude towards dying, Death comes to punish him with her game: he must experience death over and over again through 13 other lives. But if he can find a way to survive the imminent death coming for these lives, he gets to live out their lifetime. His life was a bust, but what about the lives of others?

Native Title : 이재, 곧 죽습니다
Also Known As : Death’s Game Part 1 , I Will Die Soon Part 1 , I’ll Die Soon Part 1 , Yi Jae, You’ll Die Soon Part 1 , Ije God Jukseubnida Pateu 1 , 이재, 곧 죽습니다 파트 1 , 이재 곧 죽습니다 파트 1
Genres : Thriller, Drama, Fantasy
Episodes : 8
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Chinese English French German Hindi Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Malay Spanish Thai Filipino Brazilian Portuguese (Embedded)

Episode 01 :
Episode 02 :
Episode 03 :
Episode 04 :
Episode 05 :
Episode 06 :
Episode 07 :
Episode 08 :

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