U-Prince Season 1: The Handsome Cowboy [Thai-Drama] (2016)

Summary:P’Sibtit is a “bad boy”, a charming cowboy from the Faculty of Agriculture. He is Prikkang’s first love, and she is his. But she has become a down-to-earth girl who dislikes narcissistic and arrogant people (like P’Sibtit who treats women like toys to be seduced and then left). When they meet again, they start off on the wrong foot. He takes her cold demeanor as a challenge and tries to win her over. But can old habits be changed? Does this playboy even have the emotional depth to truly love?

Native Title : U-PRINCE Series ตอน สิบทิศ
Also Known As :U-Prince The Series เรื่อง Handsome Cowboy , U-Prince The Series: Kamrap Huachai Chom Phayot , U-Prince The Series เรื่อง Handsome Cowboy กำราบหัวใจจอมพยศ
Genres : Comedy, Romance, School, Drama
Episodes : 8
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English  (Embedded)

Download Links:

Episode 01:  | send.cm
Episode 02: | send.cm
Episode 03: send.cm
Episode 04: send.cm
Episode 05: send.cm
Episode 06: send.cm
Episode 07: send.cm
Episode 08: send.cm


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