Minato Shouji Coin Laundry [J-Drama] (2022)

Summary: “I want to grow up quicker, so I can date Minato-san.” Minato Akira inherited his grandfather’s coin laundry. And so, the middle-aged former corporate drone, Akira, peacefully ran the well-loved coin laundry. One day, a high-school student, Katsuki Shintaro, enters the coin laundry. Despite the difference in age, they quickly became friends. However, Shintaro suddenly finds out that Akira is gay.

Native Title: みなと商事コインランドリー
Also Known As: Minato Coin Laundry , Minato Trading Coin Laundry , Wash My Heart! , Minato’s Laundromat , Minato Shouji Koin Randorii
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama
Episodes: 12
Format: mkv(x265)
Resolution: 720p
Subtitle: English (Embedded)

Download Links:

Episode 01: https://ouo.io/l93mM3i
Episode 02: https://ouo.io/mtwaOq
Episode 03: https://ouo.io/DVnAWmM
Episode 04: https://ouo.io/p20bhj
Episode 05: https://ouo.io/K8jnzK
Episode 06: https://ouo.io/gbbLlT
Episode 07:
Episode 08:
Episode 09:
Episode 10:
Episode 11:
Episode 12:

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