Kemono ni Narenai Watashitachi [J-Drama] (2018)

Kemono ni Narenai Watashitachi (2018)

Summary : 30-year-old Shinkai Akira always smiles and she is perfect at work. She cares about those around her too much. 33-year-old Nemoto Kosei works as an accountant. He is friendly and popular among women. Nevertheless, he doesn’t trust anyone and he does not fall in love easily. Akira and Kosei meet at a bar and become attracted to each other.

Native Title : 獣になれない私たち
Also Known As : We Can Not Become Beasts , Weakest Beast
Genres : Comedy, Romance, Drama
Episodes : 10
Format : mkv
Resolution : 720p (x265)
Subtitle : English (Embedded)

Download Links:

Episode 01: zippyshare |
Episode 02: zippyshare |
Episode 03: zippyshare |
Episode 04: zippyshare |
Episode 05: zippyshare |
Episode 06: zippyshare |
Episode 07: zippyshare |
Episode 08: zippyshare |
Episode 09: zippyshare |
Episode 10: zippyshare |

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  1. I wanna download this drama, but the AdFocus links keep re-directing to the AdFocus homepage instead of the download links.

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