Island Village Teacher [K-Drama] (2004)

Island Village Teacher

Summary : Hong Eun Xiu (Han Ji Hye) accidentally witnessed a murder by a ruthless gangster and was placed under the protection of the police. Chiu Hao Tai (Kim Min Jong) was assigned to protect her and their relationship start off badly since she always tries to runaway from him. After numerous attempts by the gangster to silence her, they have to runaway to an island whereby they were mistaken by the local as the new teachers and the volunteered doctor, son of a famous doctor Chong Jai Do (Lee Dong Wook) falls for Eun Xiu, his so called fiancee turns up…..

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Crime
Episode : 16
Format : mkv
Resolution : 640×480
Subtitle : None

Episode 01 – 04 :
Episode 05 – 08 :
Episode 09 – 12 :
Episode 13 – 16 :

13 thoughts on “Island Village Teacher [K-Drama] (2004)

  1. my god! mahdi really this became possible to you my god ya i am searching for this drama like anything
    i never had any hope that you will upload this even i have decided that whether if you cant upload this
    i was asking another drama instead of this my god really thanks a lotttttttttttttt lotttttttttttt
    i am so so happy and i without seeing the video could say you definitely have uploaded a good quality print thank you so much again you are super fighting………..

    1. you’re welcome. please check the audio and if there’s a problem please tell me. since last night updates had audio problem it seems.

  2. ya its absolutely fine i have not yet checked all episodes but if i find any problem i will report it to you..mahdi thanks ya really..

  3. My goodness,you are a legend mahdigh,I was looking for this series for few years,thanks for your hard work,when you open the encoding request,I will request Hwang Jin Yi (2006) acted by Ha Ji Won

  4. oh thats fine.but trust me mahdi i am not praising you but now your site has become so popular and i have told all my friends about your site they really felt so glad that they found many old dramas in your site.really ya making others happy by doing their favours its really commendable.ya since there are 10 more request we all still be waiting for them and curious that what dramas are coming on your site next.

  5. mahdi is it not at all possible to find subtitles for this even i searched a lot in the net but i could not please mahdi try your best to find the english sbtitles as you tried in finding this drama if possible
    because without subtitles i dont understand anything.please try even though it is not possible then its ok .

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