Ho Goo’s Love / Fool’s Love [K-Drama] (2015)

Ho Goo's Love

Summary : Ho Goo has never dated in his life. He runs into his first love Do Hee. She is a member of the national swimming team and has a burning desire to win. She also talks like one of the guys. After Ho Goo meets Do Hee again, he becomes involved in a complicated romantic relationship and a dangerous friendship.

Native Title : 호구의 사랑
Also Known As : Hogooui Sarang , Hogu’s Love , Ho-Gu’s Love , Hogoo’s Love , Fool’s Love , Fool for You , Ho-Goo’s Love , A Pushover’s Romance
Genres : Comedy, Romance, Youth, Melodrama
Episodes : 16
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English, Spanish (Embedded)

Episode 01 – 04 : https://ouo.io/hhggVC
Episode 05 – 08 : https://ouo.io/3FdtpA7
Episode 09 – 12 : https://ouo.io/e8RTyj
Episode 13 – 16 : https://ouo.io/brzTO9P

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    1. sorry don’t have any backup from this drama. you can request it drama to be encoded again when request section is open.

  1. Hi, Mahdigh

    Can you upload this drama?
    I already request in request drama section before..

    Thank you in advance 🙂

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