The Sleepless Princess [C-Drama] (2020)

Summary : An unfavored princess suffering from insomnia and a stone-faced general on a mission to trace the cause of his brother’s death were fated to meet thus igniting a sweet and heart-wrenching romance.
The 9th princess Chu Yue has developed a long-standing history of insomnia due to an accident in her childhood. Chu Yue and her younger brother have lived their lives depending on each other. Under the wrong circumstances, she becomes the bride of the famous general Xue Yao. After learning about the suspicious events surrounding the death of Xue Yao’s older brother, the two join hands to investigate the case.

Native Title : 离人心上
Also Known As : Wan Wan Ye Wei Mian , Li ren xin shang , Detached , 晚晚夜未眠 , 離人心上
Genres : Historical, Comedy, Romance, Wuxia
Episodes : 35
Format : mkv
Resolution : 720p (x265)
Subtitle : Vietnamese (Embedded) + English (SRT)
Source : Vietnam Netflix (WEBDL)

Note : I don’t think the English subs are in sync with this version.
Note 2 : If i’m not wrong Episode 36 is the alternate ending.

Episode 01 – 05 :
Episode 06 – 10 :
Episode 11 – 15 :
Episode 16 – 20 :
Episode 21 – 25 :
Episode 26 – 30 :
Episode 31 – 36 :

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