My Blood & Bones in a Flowing Galaxy [J-Movie] (2021)

Summary : Hamada Kiyosumi is a 3rd grader in high school. He possesses a strong sense of justice. One day, he sees first-grade student Kuramoto Hari being bullied. He helps her. Since that time, Kiyosumi tries to save Hari from bullies. While doing that, they grow closer.

Native Title : 砕け散るところを見せてあげる
Also Known As : Kudake Chiru Tokoro wo Miseteageru , The Ashes of My Flesh and Blood Is the Vast Flowing Galaxy , I’ll Show You Where it Shatters
Genres : Thriller, Romance, Youth, Drama
Duration : 127 minutes
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English
Encoder : dionel

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