I’m Underage But I’m Not a Child [J-Movie] (2017)

Summary :On Oriyama Karin’s 16th birthday, she receives a present from her rich parents. Her present is marriage. The person she marries is her crush and high school senior Tsurugi Nao who is popular. Debt ridden Nao only marries Karin for economic reasons and in particular the wealth of her parents. Karin loves him truly, but Nao doesn’t love her at all.
Their marriage is a secret, but Ebina Isuzu, Karin’s friend, holds feelings for Karin, learns of their marriage.

Native Title : 未成年だけどコドモじゃない
Also Known As : Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Ja Nai , Teen Bride , I’m Still a Teenager But I’m Not a Child , That is Not a Child But a Minor
Genres : Comedy, Romance, School
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English (Embedded)

Download Link: https://ouo.io/LSeUuu

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