I Am the Years, You Are the Stars [C-Drama] (2021)

Summary : Jin Xiao Yu, a young girl suffering from a strange disease. The fate of her and Jiang Bai Ju, a mysterious designer, was changed by a bizarre car accident. One disappears easily like a shooting star, while the other is forever suspended in time. How should this pair of lovers keep each other in their own world?

Native Title : 我是岁月你是星辰
Also Known As : My Hundred Year Old Lover , Wo De Bai Sui Lian Ren , 我的百歲戀人 , My Centenarian Sweetheart , Wo Shi Sui Yue Ni Shi Xing Chen
Genres : Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Episodes : 24
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Arabic, Chinese, English, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai (Embedded)
Encoder : DION

Download Link:

Episodes 01 – 04 : https://ouo.io/tK5TVC
Episodes 05 – 08 : https://ouo.io/qW20ca
Episodes 09 – 12 : https://ouo.io/9f1aLo
Episodes 13 – 16 : https://ouo.io/IedTJz3
Episodes 17 – 20 : https://ouo.io/qbS37n
Episodes 21 – 24 : https://ouo.io/s4P6AI

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