Her Granddaughter [J-Movie] (2014)

Summary : Tsugumi Dozono (Nana Eikura) works at a large electronics company in Tokyo. She likes to spend long vacations at her grandmother’s house in the countryside. One day, her grandmother passes away and Tsugumi Dozono decides to live in her grandmother’s house while working from home. She finds a strange middle-aged man in the house. The man’s name is Jun Kaieda (Etsushi Toyokawa). Jun Kaieda tells Tsugumi that he is her grandmother’s ex-student and her grandmother gave him a key to the annex house. Tsugumi, who does not know the exact relationship between her grandmother and Jun, begins to live with him.

Genre : Drama, Romance
Format : mkv
Resolution : 520p (x264) – 720p (x265)
Duration : 119 Min
Size : 325 MB + 460 MB
Subtitle : None

Screenshot From Movie

Download Link : [button link=”http://j.gs/6wuB” newwindow=”yes”] 520p[/button] [button link=”http://j.gs/6wuC” newwindow=”yes”] 720p[/button]

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