DNA Says Love You [TW-Drama] (2022)

DNA Says Love You

Summary : Inseparable childhood friends Pu Le Jian, Zhuang Xi Wen, and Xie Yu He swore they’d be together forever, but fate forced Le Jian and Xi Wen to part. Years later, Le Jian is struggling to keep his adventure YouTube channel going when a mysterious figure named Amber appears out of nowhere, claiming to be a fan of his, and offers him information on a place called Guilai Abbey…

Native Title : 基因決定我愛你
Also Known As : 基因决定我爱你 , Ji Yin Jue Ding Wo Ai Ni , My DNA Says I Love You , DNA Says Love You Forever
Genres : Friendship, Romance, Drama
Episodes : 12
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English (Embedded)

Episode 01 – 04 : https://exe.io/SMbnI
Episode 05 – 08 : https://exe.io/IauPMb8
Episode 09 – 12 : https://exe.io/19hd1

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