Divorce Lawyer in Love [K-Drama] (2015)

Summary : A common word of wisdom goes that you should never burn any bridges because you never know what the future will hold. Ko Cheok Hee (Jo Yeo Jung) is an unscrupulous divorce attorney who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants for her clients. Her office manager, So Jung Woo (Yun Woo Jin) doesn’t hold back his opinions and criticizes everything that Cheok Hee does wrong, and the two constantly bicker and collide. Ultimately, the two can’t stand each other and Jung Woo leaves his job and ends up going to law school and also becomes a divorce attorney. Years later, Cheok Hee gets her legal license suspended because of professional misconduct. When she runs into Jeong Woo, she goes to work for his law office as his office manager. With the tables now turned, can Jung Woo survive the abuse she gets from her new boss?

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Episode : 20
Format : mkv
Resolution : 960 x 540
Subtitle : English

Episode 01 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5533326aa9ce1
Episode 02 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5533f563aa1bd
Episode 03 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553c6a528cca4
Episode 04 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553d22f50814b
Episode 05 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/554770bc028c4
Episode 06 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55484f294e7b2
Episode 07 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/554ee1e6e0a51
Episode 08 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/554f8fc27af7e
Episode 09 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55581275c634d
Episode 10 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5558db54f0103
Episode 11 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5561662f1a85e
Episode 12 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/556213b5040b6
Episode 13 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/556a14cfd466b
Episode 14 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/556c0a164baf6
Episode 15 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5573e469c7c14
Episode 16 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/557550446ac7b
Episode 17 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/557d168a316dd
Episode 18 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/557e86f272a5d END

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