Detective Gui [C-Movie] (2015)

 Detective Gui (2015)

Summary : Gui (by Luodan Wang) is a gifted detective, her extraordinary imagination and strong logical mind helps solve many cases in her unique way since young, but she is just not that good at socializing with people, one day, she suspects that a murder case happened in her neighborhood, her curiosity pushes her to investigate but later she finds shocking secrets of the people she knows…
Wang will play the role of Gui Xiang, who learned to read at age 3, caught a thief at age 7, and helped solve a police case at age 10. However, Gui was not that lucky when it comes to romance. On the other hand, Taiwanese actor Zhou will take the role of A Zhe, a cute policeman. Sparks fly when Gui, who could not get over her former flame who dumped her, meets A Zhe.

Genre : Comedy, Mystery, Romance
Format : mkv
Resolution : 720p (x265)
Duration : 92 Min
Subtitle : Chinese

Screenshot From Movie

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