Yareta Kamo Iinkai [J-Drama] (2018)

Yareta Kamo Iinkai

Summary : “Yareta Kamo Iinkai” (“Could Have Done It Committee”) has three members: Yuzuru Nojima (Jiro Sato), Ayako Tsuki (Mai Shiraishi) and Oashisu (Takayuki Yamada). People who did not do something in their past (but think they could have) go to the committee and tell their stories. The three member committee listens to their story and they judge whether the visitor could have done it or not.

Genre : Drama
Episodes : 9
Format : mkv
Resolution : 540p
Subtitle : None

Episode 00 – 02 : https://www.keeplinks.co/p79/5b595b5b33531
Episode 03 – 05 : https://www.keeplinks.co/p79/5b595baa4710d
Episode 06 – 08 : https://www.keeplinks.co/p79/5b595bd64a199

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