Love Suddenly [HK-Movie] (2022)

Love Suddenly - 忽然心動

Summary : This story is a collection of four love relationships: Geeky Hong (Michael Ning) who looks forward to romance bumps into Shirley (Shirley Chan); Rich kid Silver (Chloe So) who is socially anxious hires a rental boyfriend Jerome (Adam Pak); Chung (Anson Kong) and Zoe (Karena),a dysfunctional pair of social couple; and Ho (Edward Ma) an indecisive person meeting Tin Tin (Roxanne Tong), a nurse with polyamorous relationships. Following the through line in each story, they encounter unexpected obstacles in their relationships all set on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

Native Title : 忽然心動
Also Known As : 忽然心动 , Hu Ran Xin Dong , Fat Yin Sum Dong
Genres : Romance
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Cantonese English (Embedded)

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