Kimi wa Petto [J-Drama] (2003)

Summary: In education, career, and appearance… Sumire is perfect, too perfect for even her boyfriend, who summarily dumps her. Also sexually harassed at work, Sumire takes matters into her own hands. Returning home depressed and lonely, she finds a young man, Takeshi, injured inside a cardboard box. She takes him in, but can’t get him to leave, so she offers to keep him if he agrees to become her “pet”. With nowhere else to go, Takeshi accepts and immediately takes to his new role. While they are cultivating their relationship as “master” and “pet”, a man whom Sumire was attracted to a long time ago, returns to Japan. Although he promises to provide her with the perfect life she has always wanted, Sumire finds she can’t stop thinking about “Momo”. Could she be falling for her pet?

Native Title: きみはペット
Also Known As: You’re My Pet , Tramps Like Us , Kimi wa Pet
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 10
Format: mkv(x265)
Resolution: 720p
Subtitle: English (Embedded)

Episode 01:  zippyshare |
Episode 02: zippyshare |
Episode 03: zippyshare |
Episode 04: zippyshare |
Episode 05: zippyshare |
Episode 06: zippyshare |
Episode 07: zippyshare |
Episode 08: zippyshare |
Episode 09: zippyshare |
Episode 10: zippyshare |

4 thoughts on “Kimi wa Petto [J-Drama] (2003)

  1. Greetings admn can you kindly add a short 6 episode japanese drama Koizora 2008 in soft sub version. Will be very thankful. Thanks.

    1. @rose if you want a non encoded one then you can find the videos on the videos are web dl version from HULU but there are no subs. You can get the eng subs from daddict site. The subs are from queerbeet and very good but here also you ve to time it yourself as the subs are not timed for webdl version. Finally there is also a hardcoded version on avistaz but I also prefer soft subs so I downloaded from jraws.

      1. Hi thanks for tipping. But the file sizes are large and also the subs don’t match as you said and I don’t ve any idea how to time them so I will pass it. I really hope that @dionel will encode and time the subs of this webdl version because the quality is very good fingerscrossed. Anyway thanks for your suggestion.

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