Decibel [K-Movie] (2022)

Decibel - 데시벨

Summary : The story unfolds when a bomb that responds to sound is discovered at the center of the city. This terror attack occurs following an incident that happened one year ago in a submarine, and important figures such as a submarine commander, reporter, and a member of the Defense Security Support Command come together to try and stop the bomb. Kang Do Young is a Navy submarine commander. He’s a key figure linked to the submarine incident that was the cause of the terror attack. Oh Dae Oh is a passionate reporter. Cha Young Han is a member of the Defense Security Support Command.

Native Title : 데시벨
Also Known As : Desibel
Genres : Action, Thriller, Drama
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Korean (Embedded) + English (SRT)

Screenshot From Movie

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