Breakout Brothers 2 [HK-Movie] (2022)

Breakout Brothers 2 - 逃獄兄弟2

Summary : Ho Chun, a young entrepreneur, is sent to jail. By implementing his philosophy in the business world that money can solve any problems, Ho Chun offered Big Roller, Kin Tin, Scar, and Ho Ching a considerable amount of money for him to break out from jail. However, Big Roller and his gang rejected the offer since they believed serving their sentences is the only right thing to do. It left Ho Chun with no choice but to use other extreme methods to force Big Roller and his gang to commit.

Native Title : 逃獄兄弟2
Also Known As : 逃狱兄弟2 , 逃出行動2 , 逃出行动2
Genres : Action, Thriller, Comedy, Crime
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Chinese English (Embedded)

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