Absolute Boyfriend [K-Drama] (2019)

Absolute Boyfriend (2019)

Summary : Dan Dan, is a woman who works as a special effects make-up artist but has a very cold-heart. She then, unexpectedly, falls in love with Yeong Goo, a humanoid robot programmed to be a perfect boyfriend. Yeong Goo begins to develop human emotions, and they end up in a love triangle with her famous actor childhood friend, Ma Wang Joon, who also falls for her.

Native Title : ์ ˆ๋Œ€ ๊ทธ์ด
Also Known As : Jeoldae Geui , My Absolute Boyfriend , Roco King , Romcom King
Genres : Comedy, Romance, Drama
Episodes : 36
Format : mkv
Resolution : 720p (x265)
Subtitle :English

Episode 01 – 08 :https://ouo.io/akBl4O1
Episode 09 – 16 :https://ouo.io/isKGzS
Episode 17 – 24 :https://ouo.io/6u3SCXX
Episode 25 – 32 :https://ouo.io/i0ePXZG
Episode 33 – 36 :https://ouo.io/PPV3D0

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