Mr. Bad [C-Drama] (2022)

Mr. Bad

Summary : Nan Xing is a young woman who likes to write in her free time. She has written a novel based in the distant past whose antagonist is named Xiao Wu Di. He’s a fierce fighter and as cunning and manipulative as they come. One day, in a spurt of desperation, Nan Xing makes a wish for Xiao Wu Di to come to life and help her. But the old warning “be careful what you wish for” rings true when Xiao Wu Di suddenly appears before her! To her amazement, Xiao Wu Di resolves to stay in the real world and insists on becoming her neighbour. He also vows to help her whenever she needs assistance—even when that involves matters of the heart. But when Xiao Wu Di begins to fall for her, things threaten to get very messy indeed. Can a man who began as a villainous figment of her imagination become her Romeo? Or will “Mr. Bad” live up to his name?

Native Title : 我的反派男友
Also Known As : My Villain Boyfriend , Sweet on Series , Wo De Fan Pai Nan You
Genres : Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes : 24
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English Vietnamese (Embedded)

Episode 01 – 05 :
Episode 06 – 10 :
Episode 11 – 15 :
Episode 16 – 20 :
Episode 21 – 24 :


Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English Vietnamese (Embedded)
Encoder: DION

Download Links: 

Episode 01:   zippyshare |
Episode 02:  zippyshare |
Episode 03:  zippyshare |
Episode 04:  zippyshare |
Episode 05:  zippyshare |
Episode 06:  zippyshare |
Episode 07:  zippyshare |
Episode 08:  zippyshare |
Episode 09:  zippyshare |
Episode 10:  zippyshare |

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