Kingdom 2: To the Far Land [J-Movie] (2022)

Kingdom 2: To the Far Land - キングダム2 遥かなる大地へ

Summary : After suppressing the rebellion of his younger brother, the King of the State of Qin, Ei Sei, who had taken the throne and is aiming to unify China, is threatened by assassins who entered the royal palace one night. Thanks to Shin and Ka Ryo Ten, who rushed to the scene, the assassins were successfully repelled, but it was clear that there was someone inside the palace who was plotting to assassinate Ei Sei. While there was still some uncertainty, the neighboring enemy, the State of Wei, began to invade across the border, and Shin is finally to join his first battle as a foot soldier. The foot soldiers formed a five-man “GO” team, and Shin joined the battlefield together with his old friends Bi Hei and Bi Tou, who come from the same hometown, the experienced squad leader Taku Kei, who is unreliable but had never killed anyone, and the mysterious Kyou Kai, whose face is almost entirely covered with a mask. Go Kei, the great general of Wei, is a genius with excellent military strategy, and he also makes full use of Wei’s powerful chariot force to overrun the Qin’s foot soldiers in the front line. When the great general of Qin, Duke Hyou receives news of the bitter battle, he simply smiles wryly and orders his troops to stand by. Against overwhelming odds, Shin fights a solitary battle with his honed swordsmanship, while his comrades and others managed to survive with their own ingenuity. Baku Koshin, a one-thousand man general of Qin, sees Shin and his men’s success and rushed to the hills to join them in an even more reckless assault. With Shin and his men of the Fourth Army showing a slight reeling from Qin’s overwhelming disadvantage from the previous day, Duke Hyou finds the “spark” of the battle and finally makes his move. As the battle moves in a big way and a great fire begins to roll, that unexpected person also appears on the battlefield…

Native Title : キングダム2 遥かなる大地へ
Also Known As : Kingdom 2: To the Distant Land , Kingudamu 2: Harukanarudaichihe
Genres : Action, Historical, War
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Chinese (Embedded) + English (SRT)

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