You Are My Hero [C-Drama] (2021)

Summary : As a new resident at the bustling metropolitan hospital, Mi Ka’s life is far from boring. With a steady stream of patients to see and a variety of training exercises to complete, Mi Ka has little time for anything other than work, but she doesn’t mind. The chance to help people and save lives is all she has ever wanted and she’s happy she has finally found a way to make that dream come true. Ever one to volunteer when a new opportunity to help others arises, Mi Ka joins in a joint emergency rescue training exercise between the hospital and the police SWAT team, a decision that will change her life forever.

When a deadly earthquake shakes the very foundations of the world, Mi Ka is part of the team ordered to the epicenter of the quake to help with rescue operations. Joined by a team of military personnel, including Xing Ke Lei, a special ops agent who first met Mi Ka through a series of misunderstandings that left them both with a less-than-favorable impression of each other, Mi Ka and her medical team set out on a mission fraught with danger. Despite their initial misgivings, Xing Ke Lei and Mi Ka have no choice but to put aside their differences to help those hit hardest by the recent earthquake. Working side-by-side, their feelings towards each other gradually begin to soften as they observe how tirelessly each works to save lives.

When the nation in which they’re working is thrown into turmoil, Mi Ka and the rest of the medical team find themselves in very real danger. Putting his life on the line, Xing Ke Lei is determined to come to their rescue, but will he be able to get to them in time?

Native Title : 你是我的城池营垒
Also Known As : Ni Shi Wo De Cheng Chi Ying Lei , Love To Be Loved By You , You Are My City and Fortress
Genres : Military, Romance, Crime, Drama, Medical, Detective
Episodes : 40
Format : mkv
Resolution : 1920 x 818 (x264)
Subtitle : English (Embedded)

Note : I didn’t encode this drama since the request was that if the original file size is below 800mb there’s no need for it to be encoded.

Episode 01 – 05 :
Episode 06 – 10 :
Episode 11 – 15 :
Episode 16 – 20 :
Episode 21 – 25 :
Episode 26 – 30 :
Episode 31 – 35 :
Episode 36 – 40 :

4 thoughts on “You Are My Hero [C-Drama] (2021)

  1. Thank you very much, Mahdi, for uploading my request so fast and in great quality!!! 🙂 Stay healthy!

  2. Hi mahdi! Is it too much to ask you to encode it to 720p? 40 eps of this size range is a bit too much. But only if you can. If not then no worries. Thanks!

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