When Heaven Burns [HK-Drama] (2011)

Summary : In their youth Joe (Bowie Lam), Angus (Moses Chan), Ronnie (Kenny Wong) and Ka Ming are good friends and band mates. During a mountaineering trip, the four are stranded on a snow bound mountain and out of desperation Ka Ming is killed and eaten by the other three. This event has a traumatic effect on them, their friendship, and their friendship with Yan (Charmaine Sheh), Ka Ming’s girl friend, leading the previously close group to go their separate ways. Eighteen years later, Yan remains haunted by the memory of Ka Ming, trying to regain what she had with him in part with her husband and and in part with her lover, but finding neither a complete replacement for her lost love breaks with them both. Troubled she loses track of time while alone in the wilderness, sparking a missing persons alert which becomes the catalyst for the four friends to meet again. Though she was Ka Ming’s girlfriend all four band mates were in love with her and the three survivors remain in love with her.

Genre : Horror
Episode : 30
Format : mkv
Resolution : 960 x 540
Subtitle : English (Selectable in video)
Info :Wiki

Episode 01 :http://j.gs/4ne2
Episode 02 :http://j.gs/4ne4
Episode 03 :http://j.gs/4ne6
Episode 04 :http://j.gs/4ne7
Episode 05 :http://j.gs/4ne8
Episode 06 :http://j.gs/4ne9
Episode 07 :http://j.gs/4neA
Episode 08 :http://j.gs/4neD
Episode 09 :http://j.gs/4neF
Episode 10 :http://j.gs/4neG
Episode 11 :http://j.gs/4neH
Episode 12 :http://j.gs/4neI
Episode 13 :http://j.gs/4neJ
Episode 14 :http://j.gs/4neK
Episode 15 :http://j.gs/4neL
Episode 16 :http://j.gs/4o4E
Episode 17 :http://j.gs/4o4G
Episode 18 :http://j.gs/4o4H
Episode 19 :http://j.gs/4o4I
Episode 20 :http://j.gs/4o4J
Episode 21 :http://j.gs/4o4M
Episode 22 :http://j.gs/4o4N
Episode 23 :http://j.gs/4o4P
Episode 24 :http://j.gs/4o4R
Episode 25 :http://j.gs/4o4T
Episode 26 :http://j.gs/4o4U
Episode 27 :http://j.gs/4o4V
Episode 28 :http://j.gs/4o4W
Episode 29 & 30 :http://j.gs/4o4X END

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