Unforgettable Blast [C-Movie] (2015)

Summary : Unforgettable Blast is about the lives of three university students who are just about to enter into society. After graduation, Ye Su, Zhang Yi Xian and Huang Da Zhong, decide to stay in the city to pursue their love and dreams. Together along with their wits and knowledge, they plan to embark on the journey of life and to greatness. Reality hits them when they get rejected multiple times while attempting to find work, even when they managed to find work, their boss often criticizes everything that they do. Even through all the hardship, everyone’s morale is still high and they are all still working hard towards their life goals, until one day when they are catching the last bus when misfortune starts to befall upon them…

Genre : Comedy, Romance
Format : mkv
Resolution : 960 x 404
Duration : 95 Min
Size : 303 MB
Subtitle : English , Chinese Hardsubbed

Screenshot From Movie

Download Link : http://j.gs/6fpL

1 thought on “Unforgettable Blast [C-Movie] (2015)

  1. The weight is fantastic, and the quality is excellent <3 thank you very much

    I hope to follow up all dramas with 200 mb

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