U-Prince Season 6: The Foxy Pilot [Thai-Drama] (2016)

Summary: Khun Hawk is a grumpy aviation student from the Faculty of Engineering. He is cold and rarely expresses any emotion. When he is interviewed at Palmer Airlines, the owner requests that Khun Hawk befriend his spoiled daughter, the actress Aurora. She is full of herself and expects to be called “princess”. But she also very lonely and tends to hide her true feelings behind a smile. With such contrasting personalities, can they help each other?

Native Title : U-Prince the Series เรื่อง Foxy Pilot
Also Known As :U-Prince The Series เรื่อง Foxy Pilot เจ้าหญิงจอมแสบแอบชิงหัวใจนักบินขี้เบื่อ , U-Prince The Series: The Foxy Pilot
Episodes : 4
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English (Embedded)
Encoder : dionel

Download Links:

Episodes 01 – 04: https://ouo.io/2DwKLh

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