Tears Of No Regret [C-Movie] (2020)

Summary : Sun Wukong, who became a fighting and defeating Buddha, was actually bewitched by the wraiths, and Tang Sanzang suffered a disaster! At a critical juncture, Sun Wukong pulled out the source of the spirit of resentment, but found that she was a goddess of heaven and earth who had a fate of three hundred years with her-“Lucky Star”! In order to find out the reason for the “lucky star” blackening and save Tang Sanzang, Sun Wukong embarked on a journey back to the past, but finally shed a tear. Why the tears of the Great Saint flow, and for whom?
Native Title : 斗战胜佛之大圣之泪
Also Known As : Dou Zhan Sheng Fo
Genres : Adventure, Fantasy
Format : mkv
Resolution : 400p (x265) + 720p (x265)
Subtitle : English, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese (Embedded)

Screenshot From Movie

Download Link : 400p720p

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