Sweet Savage Family [K-Drama] (2015)

Summary : This drama is a adaptation of the comedy film franchise “Marrying the Mafia“.

Yoon Tae Soo (Jung Joon Ho) is a gang boss who dominates the adult entertainment district in Daejeon, South Korea. At home, he is a household type of father and lives with his strong willed wife Kim Eun Ok (Moon Jung Hee) who nags at him constantly, a troublemaker son and his mother.

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Episode : 20
Format : mkv
Resolution : 576p
Subtitle :English

Episode 01 :http://j.gs/6xta
Episode 02 :http://j.gs/6y8u
Episode 03 :http://j.gs/6zjD
Episode 04 :http://j.gs/700a
Episode 05 :http://j.gs/725v
Episode 06 :http://j.gs/72JI
Episode 07 :http://j.gs/74BH
Episode 08 :http://j.gs/74VP
Episode 09 :http://j.gs/761o
Episode 10 :http://j.gs/76Iv
Episode 11 :http://j.gs/77qF
Episode 12 :http://j.gs/78Av
Episode 13 :http://j.gs/7BfE
Episode 14 :http://j.gs/7BuK
Episode 15 :http://j.gs/7DYf
Episode 16 :http://j.gs/7Dm7

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